Nitya Mittal Biswas,
Founder/ Design/ Business Head Of Development

Born in New Delhi in 1987, Nitya graduated in 2005 from Lawrence School Sanawar. She entered the design industry soon after and pursued a course in interior design from APJ institute of design.

Although she was engaged in interiors work, fashion bred in the core of her heart. In 2006, Nitya designed her first range of dresses and exhibited them at a prominent show in New Delhi. An interior design course and designing dresses for shows and family went hand-in-hand for a few years. This lead to the start of an interior design firm which she pursued as a career.

Over the course of time, her inclination shifted from interiors to fashion and hence she joined her then boyfriend and now husband in running SunLotus fashion buying house. 5 years passed by and the idea of launching her own fashion label only became stronger. This intent gave birth to creation of her own label called Ruche & Hues in March 2015- Now called Nitya Biswas.