Gracie is a lifestyle blogger who selected our collection due to its craftsmenship and intricate handcrafted details. She wrote a detailed review on the brand during the London Fashion Week and paired our collection with various designers she was reviewing in parallel. Here is the review link.

Below is the complete transcript of the review.

Ruche & Hues – Luxury Handcrafted Handbags

I am all about bringing back skilled craftsmanship, into fashion weeks across the globe. I want to inspire women to showcase, luxury items that illustrate my eccentric sense of personal style.

Today thanks to my good friends, Ruche & Hues, I am wearing, this handcrafted, embellished bag made in India. I am being hosted by three 5 Star hotel for London Lifestyle and Fashion Week.

I am pioneering, for sometime now. A new way to take fashion brands to market, during fashion weeks. This is why I have created a new marketing concept, called, Lifestyle & London Fashion Week.

In today’s world of saturated fashion, the biggest challenge is to get people to buy into fashion brands. There are so many labels showcasing during London Fashion Week. How am I going to get this Metallic Bling Baguette, the exposure it so deserves?


Our minaudière are embellished stunners. Each piece has gorgeous intricate handwork using 3D embroidery depicting flowers and butterflies. Bursting of crystals, stones, beads and pearls these bags define luxury.

Ruche & Hues minaudieres can be used to doll up your gowns and dresses for that ultimate look. They are ideal for bridal needs, cocktail gala or a red carpet event. Sling along one of these and look ethereal. Well in my case I decided to push the boundaries and wear it my way.

These bags are actually very versatile as you can see. For me it’s about you wearing the bag and showcasing your personal style.

Floral Crystals Leather Minaudière


This vintage inspired leather minaudière is fully embellished with sequins, beads and crystals and has been handcrafted with 3D embroidery depicting a cluster of flowers. It comes with an attached leather-trimmed metal sling.

I teamed it with Monique Collignon vintage inspired military suit. I am being hosted by The Montcalm Brewry London City and their staff all wear pola hats. So I decided to complete the look with it.

I have not been to London Fashion Week for almost three years. So when I wore it to my evening events everyone just loved my complete look. Regarding the Minaudiere, they were very intrigued to hear all about it.

Minaudière – Butterfly Kiss Embellished Minaudière 

Make a statement with this minaudière, fully embellished with glass beads, crystals and intricately handcrafted with 3D embroidery depicting a flock of butterflies kissing the pearl and crystals studded bag.

The side gusset is made of goat leather, to give the bag a structured look. It comes with an attached ribbon-trimmed and beaded metal sling.

Carry this embellished stunner at a cocktail night, an official dinner gathering or a day wear affair. In my case I wore it to the first catwalk showcasing at London Fashion Week.

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