Indulge in some sparkling les luxes by Nitya Biswas as her deft hands craft the most balanced and refined, lavish pieces combining fashion with art.

Blame it on the current wave of essential minimalism, for people these days will swear by all things crisp and austere. We stood by as humble witnesses, watching muted candy pastels take over the world and blunt monochromes reign supreme. And despite that tilt shift towards embracing ordinance, one still can’t escape the gravitating charm of all things bedazzling.


Understated elegance may be fashion du jour but the sassy fashionistas will swoon over anything that shines, just a tad bit. Afterall, bows and bling, is an it-girl’s thing.


In the business of luxury fashion, more is never enough and less is nothing but a bore! Because elegance isn’t in standing out, it’s in being remembered. So far, nothing simple has sustained. Afterall, Cinderella didn’t walk into the ball in sweats and tees and a woman’s pride, resides in the giant rocks on their fingers.


Right here, in the world of Nitya Biswas, no amount of bling is ever too much for she is a lady who knows exactly how to flaunt her rocks. Adding a garnish of glitter, here and there, to a triple serving of sparkling stones, on a shining platter.


Having her way with the fashion spectrum’s most sought after shapes, she turns the silhouettes of baguettes and minaudières into her canvas. And like a true artist, she imparts her personal sense of aesthetical serenity, onto heavily embellished masterpieces. Her nuanced understanding of a woman’s sense of style, grants her the carte blanche to complement her various shades.


With her vision, the brand has galloped to a stature where it is dearly loved in the beau monde. An embodiment of the designer’s innovative approach towards traditional embellishments, intricately handcrafted to perfection, the soul of every Nitya Biswas bag carries a savoir faire that resonates with the eccentricity of the contemporary woman and the style aficionado that dwells in her.


Be it a strut on the red carpet, a cocktail night under the stars or a family brunch in the lush outdoors, a Nitya Biswas bag will be your ideal companion with its high fashion quotient raising the heat, everywhere you go.


So ladies, get a little blingtastic and go bling it right with Nitya Biswas latest collection- The Gatsby Collection.

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