We have been prepping for this day since a month. The idea of unveiling our embellished accessories was brewing excitement by the day. Ruche & Hues was moving from being a brand for embellished handbags and purses to a brand for embellished hairbands and belts.

These hairband and belts are catered to fashion loving women who love pearls, crystals and beads. These accessories are designed to add a glamorous hint to their look instantly. 

This AW2016 season, Ruche & Hues is launching hairbands, belts and sashes in bridal and occasion-wear hues for their customers. This collection is being launched in sets with a hairband to match every belt having the same design and intricacy.

The five collections are called Cherry Charlotte, Coral Cora, Mason Black, Medallion Olivia and Pearl Evan. They have been named with a royal touch justifying the designs and the work.

Come explore the new collection that will leave you spell-bound.

Check out the AW2016 collection here - http://www.ruchehues.com/collections/accessories

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