A Big shout to all our loyal customers and followers. Ruche & Hues is Rebranding! As we start a New Year and our 2nd year into the fashion industry we decide to dedicate this brand and call it by our designer/ founder’s name.

 Nitya decided to name the brand Ruche & Hues as it best described what her bags are all about. Ruche (pronounced as 'roosh') means 'a pleated, fluted, or gathered strip of fabric used for trimming' while Hues (pronounced as 'hyooz') refers to 'a gradation or variety of a color or tint'. So Ruche & Hues together represent embellished pieces in a range of colors.

 A year into following her passion and doing what she loves, she realized it is her designs that gave character to the brand. As much emphasis is given to a product, which is no doubt utmost important, it is also essential for a customer to relate to the consistent character of the designer’s handwriting. An individual’s creation/ design is always a complex-ed way to understand that person’s character. As per human research people patronize different brands by narrowing them down to designers who best suit their own personality.

 So a year into existence, we take a step forward towards evolving and maturing within the fashion Industry.

A word from our designer- “I can’t wait to share my new look with you. I am sure I will not disappoint. It will be as unique/different, yet simple and clean as my designs. My collection is my answer to make local and intricate handwork go global. It completes my inherent hunger for fashion/ embroidery and embellishments and make exclusive merchandise available to the masses. My products are exquisite and a hallmark of luxury, designed for fashion-forward trendsetters!”

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