Nitya Biswas: handcrafted luxury
Original. Quality. Luxury. Glamour. These are some of the words that identify the Nitya Biswas brand. It is a luxury brand accessory for women based in India. The founder, Nitya Mittal Biswas, changed the interiors design for the fashion design, more precisely by the accessories: handbags, hairbands, belts and sashes. Party bags for special occasions or just for a casual look where the bag is the protagonist.
Those who know me, know that I am a fan of accessories: handbags, bijouterie, hats. A good accessory can change the look completely. Accessories make the difference.
Each Nitya Biswas handbag is handcrafted by artisans with extensive dedication and experience in embroidery. A manual work in which you can appreciate every detail. Each bag is a treasure to keep for all your life. And the model I chose goes back to the classic era. A vintage bag that sends us to queens, dresses and glamour.
I invite you to discover this and other Nitya Biswas designs in Trendcy. You will love them.

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