Designs/ creativity cannot be forced onto someone. You cannot become a designer with a formal training. Yes you can learn how to put your thoughts/ creativity on paper with formal learning. But aesthetics and design has to come from within. You have to be gifted with it!

To design something what you would like to wear or use is very easy but to design for others is the tricky part. You can't expect the world to wear what you may think is trendy or fashionable. Although, design is very subjective where many may love a particular design or trend while it may be disliked by many others!

As I said designs/patterns/color mix-matching is something which is god gifted. There are times I have created few of by best designs while sleeping. There are times when patterns actually come to me while bathing/ listening to a boring teller or walking on the street.

I'm still an emerging designer. I may have designed my own outfits and for a few close friends, but I gave birth to Ruche & Hues exactly a year back and here I am already designing my second season 4 months after a successful launch. 

While designing my first collection, I used to often think to myself, am I sure of what I am doing? Will people accept and appreciate my designs, will they be wearable? For 6-7 months, all I did was search on trends, color plays, patterns in categories including accessories, bag shapes, techniques, embroidery, etc. Next came the research on local availability of meterial, embellishments and colour options in the market.

Standing 4 months into launching our brand I can say we have got an amazing response. We have been welcomed in the fashion industry with open arms globally!

What is success? Is success earning $10,000 a month, selling 5-6 bags a month or week? I don't think so. We have sold 8 bags in the past 4 months. And I feel it is incredible. We don't retail our bags through a physical store yet, but sell and stock through various online marketplaces and boutiques who love our bags.

We are marketing from a city in the world which is not considered a fashion influential city like Paris/ Milan/ London or New York. We are placing ourselves as a global brand. It's not been easy. Today we have almost 400 followers on Instagram from around the globe. We have achieved this and at it only through organic growth & marketing strategy. Influential fashion identities and brands have been appreciating us and our collections. There are companies who are approaching us to collaborate for us to be listed on their website from all over. We get atleast one sweet comment on one of our social handles everyday. We have big offers/ PR Agency collaborations which we need to choose out of rather than we chasing for them in the first place.

Above all we have offers from fashion weeks to walk the ramp independently or in collaboration, which is an opportunity emerging brands only dream of. I call this success. It's not easy to build a brand. It requires a lot of hard work but more than that a lot of patience and positive attitude.

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