With the launch 2 month behind us, we initiated extensive BD to be listed on all types of luxury online boutiqes, marketplaces and showrooms.

We reached out to the marketplaces through social media channels and emails and sent them our catalog as we were ready to sell. The responses started pouring in soon.

And tada! We bagged our first online boutique based in London. Its called Sophie Dibou that sells a whole gamut of fashion luxury products across brands.

We are truly excited with our profile up and running. Cant wait to start selling! :)

SophieDibou.com is an online boutique for Women's Designer Clothes, Shoes and Accessories. Having long-standing direct relationships with prestigious designers and manufacturers from all around the world it is aiming to offer amazing luxurious quality products at affordable price!

Shopping on SophieDibou.com is all about discovery of unique products that are allowing women to express their personality through timeless and creative styles and looks.

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