Now, all RH bags are dressy! All are party wear and all can be worn for almost any occasion! So how do we name our collections!? True! So confusing!

So, to make our lives simpler, we keep the photos of all bags in front of us. I could keep some of the bags together, while some just didn't fit a particular group. Nothing was really working. Not that its important to have many collections, we really wanted to have distinct target groups according to the bags we make. We were trying to make small groups of each collection type for immediate reference. But our bags just didn't fall in the usual groupings such as clutches, or sling bags, or daywear, or party wear. All bags had some element that mixed with the other collection type. So we started one bag at a time.

Bag 1, oh its so floral and dressy, perfect for brides-to-be! Bag 2, heavily embellished and glittery, has to be worn on a special occasion! Lets have a bridal collection; but what about the bridesmaids? That gave birth to Dressy Affair! - A collection for all dressy occasions, for both brides-to-be and bridesmaids and family members. All our florals and whites and heavily embellished clutches easily became a part of Dressy Affair. Check it out here.

Keeping all Dressy affair aside, we could easily bundle a few plain pastel bags which are simple designs and not heavy on embellishments. These purses are dressy while not so blingy. We feel they still can be worn for an occasion or a party. These bags can be worn for anything, and that helped us coin this collection name - All Day Dazzle! One can dazzle all day long with any of the bags from this collection. Check it out here!

We clearly have the party bags set aside. These bags are bold and high on glitter and shimmer. You just can't avoid heads turning if you carry these! They give an instant party finish to any outfit! There is something mysterious about these designs and thats why we call them Mystic Glitter! Extra attention has been made to use vibrant colours and handwork techniques. Check them here.

Then we have the gold and rusty collection. These bags are royal from every inch. Their embroidery, embellishements and designs, all are inspired from some historic era. They need be carried with me poise and elegance and can't be taken for granted :) We call them the Vintage Rust. Carry them if your demeanour is oh-so-queen like! 

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