RH stands for Ruche & Hues. 'Ruche' means embellishments/trims while the term 'Hues' refers a range of colours. We at RH are in the process of designing and creating products with varying ruche available and in hues that suit everyone's taste! We are handcrafting every product with preciousness and intricate artwork. The idea of RH was born to create evening masterpieces that can compliment every outfit women desire to wear.

These bags are intentionally designed in sizes that can be carried in the evenings and night carrying your bare essentials. These luxury hand-pieces are created with the purpose to accentuate every body type who wish to own them. Each piece is being created with material that is personally handpicked to meet high quality standards and that fits the unique designs owned by RH. RH is the flagship brand of NI Designs, jointly owned by Nitya Mittal and Isha Gupta.

With the boom in fashion industry and online sales, we wish to make available products with craftsmanship from India in all prime overseas locations. This is also an endeavour to take local designs and patterns global and introduce newer designs to the fashion circuit! RH is currently a small but passionate team who believe in originality and feel fashion is life! 

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