While designing and sampling for the new season is in full swing, we caught hold of RH co-founder and head designer Nitya Mittal Biswas to spill the beans on what to expect next! Read on to know from the horses mouth what Ruche & Hues has to offer in future!

What to expect from RH's new collection?

Nitya: Our new collection is very different from our previous one. We already have vibrant/ neon day wear collection from our previous collection. what we were really missing was a silver/ gold/ dressy black and few funky designs. Our new collection is a little more mature, I must add that comprising More designer/ sophisticated designs.

What do you aim with the next collection? (what type of customers or industry?)

Nitya: In a journey of 5 months, I think we have learnt the fact we had estimated and segregated our target customers very well and accurately with our first collection. Our bags are more for occasional wear which could be bridal/ red carpet events etc. Our customer base doesn’t change. We are headed to fit the niche market of the fashion industry who appreciate designs/ quality and are willing to spend on their attire.

Any new raw material or techniques you are playing with? What embellishments or what colours are you going to introduce?

Nitya: Techniques & material would be same. Fully embellished bags but there is more detailing in the new collection. More intricate designs.

How are you thinking ahead? For a new label, planning in advance is the key?

Nitya: So the fashion industry mainly works with 2 major seasons - Spring/ summer & Autumn/ Winter. Designing for spring summer collection starts in may, followed by sampling which takes the maximum time. Samples are ready by july/ august to showcase to your prospective clients to pre-order. Our production starts in the month of November and products can reach the showrooms in end feb/ beginning march for it to be launched mid march.

An Autumn/winter collection designing & sampling starts November, ready for buyers to pre-order in Jan/ feb. they go into production in end june to hit the stores latest by October.

Since our first collection was a total of 35designs and we launched in the month of November and could start our AW right after a launch, we are currently working on our AW so that we can get it to out customers by end of may/beginning June trying to get pre-orders and also working on SS’17 to showcase it an event in September/October.

Basically, working on 2 seasons together! Hand in hand!

What is your inspiration for designing the upcoming collection?

Nitya: My inspiration has always been to dress women for occasions close to their heart. It could be a special evening, their big wedding day or an invite to a couture event. Making sure my designs compliment most occasion wear labels is what I strive for and towards.

What were your challenges in launching this collection?

Nitya: Our main challenge in the financial constraint and the time trying catch up to the fashion time table. Being women entrepreneurs and the sole doers in Ruche & Hues, Isha and me have brought RH where it is today on our shoulders. We have been working and delivering against time to make RH a reality and a success.

How do you envision to launch this new collection?

Nitya: It is always more difficult to connect with the niche market than the masses. For them to be intruiged/ influenced by designs our social media handles are not enough. We have to make an impact. Be present in events where our perspective buyers/ customers are available. Branding marketing is very important for brand like ours. So we would be making appearances at trade shows, fashion weeks and events that seem right for us.

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