Featured in the "I Want" section of Fashion Rooftop, on online fashion magazine with the coolest lists, some neat stories and everything fashionable!

Fashion Rooftop publishes the coolest lists of companies and people in the fashion industry and the hottest stories, every few weeks. And we got lucky this time to be a part of their latest "I Want" list.

The chosen bag for the list the the White Abstract Duffel Clutch - A perfect mate to sling along during the day for fashionistas who dress up for the day too! The white abstract duffle can be easily worn with all your colorful attires. It has been handcrafted with different sized white glass beads to form an abstract pattern. RH day bags compliment your office attires and your daily wear to perfection. They add an immediate hint of style and gorgeousness to an already gorgeous looking you! - check it out here.

Our White Abstract clutch got curated with the best fashion pieces including Barton Perreira sunglasses from Barneys New York, Miss Madison Skye Perfum from Brooks Brothers, Steve Madden sandals, Metalli Luna cuff, Givenchy earrings from The RealReal, and Ollari top.

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