A little heads up! The extent of details we have gone into to secure our bags and ensuring luxury standards could lure you into buying one of our RH bags. Its a trap and we are guilty as charged!

So, lets go one by one, and see what do we have

  1. RH Bag
  2. Black box with soft velvet covered inside
  3. RH stickers
  4. RH butter paper
  5. Thank You card
  6. And... the RH Bag for our RH Diva!

So how we put together all these carefully selected and printed packaging is, that we take our nicely packed RH bag, place it on the butter paper, wrap it and seal it with RH stickers, place it on our soft velvet box (it is really soft, you should feel it to believe it), place the thank you card on the top (this thank you card is a small expression of how we feel while parting ways with our bag for an RH diva who deserves it!), and finally close the box. Simple!

Lets show you these steps in pictures now..



Here is the Thank You card each of our RH Diva receives with each box!

Do tell us what you think of our packaging and if you have any changes to suggest? Perfection can always be improvised upon! Look at our modesty and love for our creations :)

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